Seeing Fraud and Misleading Marketing, States Warn Consumers About Alternative Health Insurance Products

It has been two years since President Trump issued an executive order aimed at promoting and expanding skimpy health coverage products as an alternative to comprehensive health insurance. These products typically fail to provide the comprehensive coverage guaranteed in plans compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In some cases, people are left burdened with high medical bills or find out their plans won’t cover their health care needs.

States are warning consumers of fraud and about the inadequate nature of the products sold. Over the last year, we identified consumer alerts or press releases issued by 15 states warning about fraud or other concerns. In their latest post for the Commonwealth Fund’s To The Point blog, CHIR experts spoke with regulators in five of these states to better understand what was behind these warnings and get insight into potential pitfalls for consumers. You can access the full post here.

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