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Administration Takes Action To Limit Junk Health Insurance

The Biden administration has proposed a new rule limiting insurance products that are largely exempt from federal and many state-level consumer protections. In a post for Health Affairs Forefront, Sabrina Corlette takes a look at the risks these products pose to consumers and insurance markets, and what’s in the proposed rule.

2020 – It’s a Wrap. CHIR Takes Stock of a Tumultuous, but Busy Year

We at Georgetown CHIR look back at this tumultuous, tragic, and eventful year and are thankful we have the opportunity to do the work we do. When the world went on lock down in early March, our team quickly pivoted to researching and writing about the government response to COVID-19 and its impact on health care coverage. We also wrote about surprise balance billing, junk insurance, and trends in provider-payer dynamics We share some of the highlights from our work here.

September Research Roundup: What We’re Reading

This September, CHIR’s Nia Gooding reviewed new studies on state health system performance, differences in health care spending between Medicare and private payers, and deceptive insurance marketing practices.

Limitations of Short-Term Health Plans Persist Despite Predictions That They’d Evolve

The Congressional Budget Office and others predicted that short-term health plans would become more generous in the wake of the Trump administration’s policy to encourage their use as an alternative to Affordable Care Act coverage. In their latest post for the Commonwealth Fund’s To the Point blog, CHIR experts reviewed over 400 short-term plan policies to determine if, in fact, they have become more comprehensive over time.

States Don’t Know What’s Happening in their Short-term Health Plan Markets and That’s a Problem

In the midst of a global pandemic, consumers continue to be sold skimpy short-term plans that may not cover necessary testing and treatment. In their latest post for the Commonwealth Fund’s To the Point blog, Dania Palanker and Christina Goe assess the ability of insurance regulators to understand the scope of the short-term plan market in their states and its impact on consumers’ ability to access and afford care.

October Research Round Up: What We’re Reading

For the October Research Round Up, CHIR’s Olivia Hoppe dives into studies on the potential effects of health care reform options, sustaining a low uninsured rate in California, and the effects of state-run reinsurance programs on premiums.

Seeing Fraud and Misleading Marketing, States Warn Consumers About Alternative Health Insurance Products

States are warning consumers of fraud and about the inadequate nature of some insurance products being sold that masquerade as health coverage. Over the last year, we identified alerts or press releases issued by 15 states warning consumers to be on their guard against deceptive marketing pitches for these products. In their latest post for the Commonwealth Fund’s To The Point blog, CHIR experts spoke with regulators in five of these states to better understand what was behind these warnings and get insight into potential pitfalls for consumers.

New Addition to Advocate Toolkit Highlights Options for Protecting Consumers Amidst Expansion of Short-Term Plans

In July, a federal district court judge upheld the Trump administration’s rule expanding availability of short-term, limited duration insurance, or short-term plans, which do not have to comply with the Affordable Care Act’s consumer protections. With the help of CHIR experts, Community Catalyst has published another resource for state advocates and policymakers, providing an overview of short-term plans, insight on unscrupulous sales practices that leave consumers at risk, and state regulatory options.

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