Affordable Care Act Reforms Not Fully Realized for Small Businesses: New Study Documents a Market in Transition

A new report published by the Urban Institute and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation uncovers trends in the market for small business health insurance that could have long-term implications for small employers who offer health coverage to recruit and retain employees and promote a healthy workforce. The authors, Georgetown CHIR experts Sabrina Corlette, Jack Hoadley, Dania Palanker and Kevin Lucia summarize some of their findings here. Continue reading

CHIR Expert Testifies Before the House Committee on Small Business Regarding Enhancements to the ACA

On February 7, the House Committee on Small Business held a hearing titled, “Reimagining the Health Care Marketplace for America’s Small Businesses,” to discuss the challenges small businesses are facing in the health insurance marketplaces and to offer potential solutions for the next phase of reform. Georgetown’s own Dania Palanker provided testimony on how the ACA has helped to lessen the burdens for small business owners who wish to provide health coverage to employees. Continue reading

Affordable Care Act Legislation Affecting Small Employers Sparks Rare Bipartisanship

Yesterday, the Health subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee had a hearing on H.R. 1624, a bill that if enacted, would repeal an ACA provision changing the definition of small employer to 1-100 employees. The bill would also allow states to determine the definition of the small group market; all states currently define the small group market as employers with 1-50 employees. CHIR’s Sandy Ahn shares highlights of the hearing and the debate over the impact on small businesses. Continue reading

CHIR Expert Sabrina Corlette Testifies before U.S. Senate Roundtable on Small Business Health Care

On July 7 the Senate Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee held a roundtable discussion about challenges and opportunities facing the small business health insurance market. CHIR Senior Research Fellow Sabrina Corlette was invited to join the conversation about the SHOP marketplaces, self-funded plans, the change in the definition of the small group market, and more. Continue reading

Not One, Not Two but Three New Resources from CHIR: Small Business Health Plans in a Post-ACA World

There’s been some renewed attention to the status and future of the small business health insurance market, particularly as an Affordable Care Act reform scheduled to go into effect in 2016 could cause some disruption. Last week CHIR researchers contributed to three great new resources to help policymakers and others understand changes in the market and some of the challenges ahead. Continue reading

State Decisions on Allowing Mid-Sized Employers to Delay a Move to the Small-Group Insurance Market

Beginning in 2016, the Affordable Care Act requires states to change the definition of “small employer” from one with up to 50 employees to up to 100 employees. Such a change could affect health insurance coverage and prices for small businesses and their workers. However, many states are taking advantage of a transition period offered by the Obama Administration that would delay this change. Ashley Williams and Sabrina Corlette, in their latest blog post for the Commonwealth Fund, report on the results of a 50-state survey and the implications for the small group insurance market. Continue reading

More Trouble than it’s Worth? The Affordable Care Act’s Redefinition of the Small Group Market

The Affordable Care Act includes a reform of the health insurance market that has received relatively little attention, but that’s likely to change. The provision requires a change in the definition of small group health plan, and it could have a significant impact on premiums and offers of coverage by employers. Sabrina Corlette takes a look. Continue reading