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Changes to Wellness Programs Suggest Employers are Rethinking Health Promotion

January can feel like a time for new beginnings, and new year’s resolutions. In recent years, many employers have provided workplace wellness programs that may help employees stick with these resolutions, such as benefits, services, or financial incentives that encourage workers to improve their health. Recent data from KFF’s 2021 Employer Health Benefit Survey showing that employers are reconsidering key elements of their wellness initiatives prompted CHIR to take a look at some of the changes—and ongoing issues—with workplace wellness programs.

Workplace Wellness Programs Have Overlooked Health Equity

One of President Biden’s first executive actions was to require the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to withdraw regulations governing workplace wellness programs. CHIR’s Julie Zuckerbrod considers how these programs can exacerbate racial and ethnic inequities in health care access and outcomes, and opportunities for the Biden administration to advance equity-focused regulations.

Trump Administration Launches New Program that Could Undermine ACA Protections

The Trump administration recently announced a new 10-state demonstration project to allow insurers to offer premium or cost-sharing incentives to enrollees who can satisfy or maintain a desired health outcome. CHIR’s Sabrina Corlette examines what we know about wellness programs and what they could mean for people in the individual market.

Workplace Wellness Programs in the News

Your employer may want to help you meet your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or get fit by providing you with some financial incentives. JoAnn Volk takes a look at the current state of workplace wellness programs and recent action at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

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