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Navigator Guide FAQs of the Week: Small Businesses

The marketplaces are critical source of health insurance for small businesses, including small business owners, sole proprietors, and workers. In our weekly installment of FAQs from the Navigator Resource Guide, we highlight questions about marketplace coverage for small business owners and their employees.

July Research Roundup: What We’re Reading

New health policy research topped CHIR’s list of beach reads this July. For the latest monthly research roundup, we reviewed studies on marketplace enrollees’ denied claims, how marketplace coverage has benefitted small business and self-employed workers, and out-of-pocket spending on insulin.

State-Run SHOPs: An Update Three Years Post ACA Implementation

Small-business owners face unique challenges covering their employees; to lower barriers and increase options, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) created the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP). In a new blog published by The Commonwealth Fund, CHIR experts Emily Curran, Sabrina Corlette, and Kevin Lucia evaluate the current state of these marketplaces three years into implementation.

Small Business and the ACA: Survey Debunks Opponents’ Claims

Many ACA opponents claim that the ACA will be a “job killer” and cause employers to drop coverage or cut employees’ hours. A recent survey of small businesses commissioned by the National Federation of Independent Business contains strong evidence that those claims are overblown. Sabrina Corlette takes a look at their findings.

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