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Evidence On Private Equity Suggests That Containing Costs And Improving Outcomes May Go Hand-In-Hand

A growing body of evidence suggests private equity investments in health care have raised provider prices and reduced care quality in certain settings. In a new Health Affairs Forefront article, Linda Blumberg and Kennah Watts look at the track record of private equity acquisitions and how cost-containment efforts could help mitigate private equity’s influence and improve patient outcomes.

Report Shows Dispute Resolution Process in No Surprises Act Favors Providers

Last month, the Biden administration reported on independent dispute resolution (IDR) cases resolved under the No Surprises Act in the first half of 2023. In a new post for the Commonwealth Fund, CHIR’s Jack Hoadley and Kevin Lucia analyze the IDR data and what it means for patients, providers, payers, and health care costs.

September Research Roundup: What We’re Reading

It’s officially fall, and along with the new season came an autumnal bounty of new health policy research. This month, we reviewed studies on the connection between medical debt and social determinants of health, private equity acquisition of physician practices, and controlling health care costs through state surprise billing laws.

Understanding the Role of Private Equity in the Health Care Sector

As private equity involvement in the health care industry increases, policymakers and other stakeholders are sounding the alarm and calling for better regulation to control costs and protect patients. CHIR’s Maanasa Kona takes a look at the role of private equity in the health care sector and how it impacts consumers.

February Research Round Up: What We’re Reading

This February, CHIR’s Olivia Hoppe reviewed new research on health care costs and utilization, surprise bills after in-network elective surgery, acquisition of physicians by private equity firms, and rates of charity care by nonprofit hospitals.

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