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Navigator Guide FAQs of the Week: Post-enrollment Issues

The open enrollment period has officially ended in most states. After signing up for 2023 coverage, enrollees may have questions about the ins and outs of health insurance and access to care. We’re spotlighting some of the post-enrollment questions and answers on our Navigator Resource Guide.

Navigator Guide FAQs of the Week: Answers to Post-Enrollment Questions

As of January 15th, the open enrollment period has ended in most states. A record number of consumers signed up for 2022 marketplace coverage. So what comes next for marketplace enrollees? First, give yourself a pat on the back for enrolling in health coverage! Second, consult CHIR’s Navigator Resource Guide for expert answers to FAQs about post-enrollment issues you may face, like unexpected coverage denials and balance bills.

So, You’ve Got Health Insurance. What Now? Frequently Asked Questions on Post-Enrollment Issues

Open Enrollment ended in most states on December 15, 2019. In the remaining states, Open Enrollment ends this month. For the majority of Americans who enrolled in health insurance before the December 15 deadline and paid their first premium, insurance should now be kicking in. We’ve collected a series of frequently asked questions from our Navigator Resource Guide on post-enrollment issues to help consumers navigate their first few months of having a new insurance plan.

Translating Coverage into Care: Answers to Common Post-Enrollment Questions

Open Enrollment has ended in the majority of states, and almost 8.5 million people signed up for coverage through HealthCare.gov. As consumers begin to use their 2019 plans, a host of questions about covered services, cost sharing, provider networks and more are sure to crop up. Luckily, CHIR has answers to frequently asked post-enrollment questions in our recently updated Navigator Resource Guide.

Final Rules Make Expanded Role Official for Some Navigators in 2018

When the administration finalized Marketplace regulations for 2017 and beyond earlier this week, it officially expanded roles for Navigators. While much of what CHIRblog had previously described under the proposed rule from November has been retained in the final rules, Sandy Ahn provides a brief update of the additional Navigator duties.

Summing Up Questions from Navigators: A Grab Bag of Consumer Queries

Though open enrollment into the new health insurance marketplaces is a distant memory and folks are gearing up for round 2 later this year, consumers continue to turn to Navigators and other assisters with questions. JoAnn Volk shares – and provides answers to – a selection of questions we’ve been getting from the field.

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