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April Research Roundup: What We’re Reading

For our monthly research roundup, we reviewed studies on a public option proposal for California, how personalized outreach can increase enrollment in affordable Marketplace plans, and recent trends in Marketplace premiums and insurer participation.

November Research Roundup: What We’re Reading

For November’s monthly roundup of new health policy research, CHIR’s Emma Walsh-Alker reviewed studies about insurer participation in the Affordable Care Act marketplaces, how private equity ownership of air ambulances impacts surprise bills, and how pending legislation to fill the Medicaid “coverage gap” could affect hospital finances.

January Research Round Up: What We’re Reading

To kick off 2020, CHIR’s Olivia Hoppe reviews studies on out-of-network billing from hospital-based physicians, the Affordable Care Act’s effect on racial and ethnic access disparities, health care market consolidation, and 2020 marketplace premiums and insurer participation.

Insurers Report on Their Q3 Financial Earnings: Marketplace Profitability, Retail Partnerships, and More

Last month, health insurers reported on their third-quarter (Q3) financial earnings, offering insights on their yearly performance to date and commenting on the market and regulatory challenges they see ahead. CHIR reviewed the quarterly filings and earnings call transcripts for seven publicly traded health insurers, and found that many continue to experience financial stability in the individual market and are closely monitoring major policy changes that could have an impact on their businesses moving forward.

November Research Round Up: What We’re Reading

This month, CHIR’s Olivia Hoppe dug into studies on health care financing equity, insurer and consumer participation in the individual market, consumer plan decision-making, and access to specialty providers.

2019 Insurer Participation: A “Quieter” Year As Companies Maintain, Expand Their Presence

Since implementation of the Affordable Care Act, insurer participation in the ACA marketplaces has fluctuated. As states prepare to enter their annual rate review processes for 2020, CHIR’s Emily Curran and Justin Giovannelli interviewed officials in seven of the state-based marketplaces to understand their strategies for maintaining insurer participation in 2019 and ensuring marketplace competition in the future.

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