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Consumer Assistance and Health Reform: Bridging the Gap

With open enrollment for the new health insurance marketplaces just around the corner, attention is turning to the critical need for assistance to help consumers understand their new health insurance choices. The Kaiser Family and Robert Wood Johnson Foundations co-hosted a panel discussion on the topic, and Allison Johnson was there.

Emerging Policies on Dental Coverage for Kids

With the final rules on essential health benefits and market reforms now released, stakeholders have turned to how coverage will work for consumers. Our colleagues at the Center for Children and Families take a look at how one important set of benefits—dental care—will work for kids next year. Joe Touschner has more on some of the most important issues to watch regarding dental coverage for children.

Senate HELP Hearing Examines Upcoming Market Changes Under ACA

Today Sabrina Corlette was called to provide testimony before the U.S. Senate’s Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee regarding the ACA’s insurance market reforms. In this blog, she gives us a download of the hearing’s highlights.

Paying for Value, By the Numbers

Everyone likes to talk about paying for value, but how is it being implemented in the real world? Sarah Dash highlights two new studies that shed some light on key benchmarks to watch as health care coverage continues to evolve.

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