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Stakeholders Weigh in on a Proposal that Could Expand Adult Dental Coverage

The final Notice of Benefits and Payment Parameters for plan year 2025 is expected soon. The proposed rule included a provision that would permit states to require coverage of adult dental services as part of the Essential Health Benefits. As part of a CHIRblog series on Marketplace dental benefits, CHIR reviewed comments submitted in response to this proposal by select stakeholder groups.

Dental Coverage under the ACA: Marketplace Rule Would Give States the Opportunity to Expand Coverage

Dental care is an important element of comprehensive health care. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires coverage of pediatric dental services in many commercial plans, but the law has had less of an impact on adult dental coverage. This first blog in a new series on dental coverage in the ACA Marketplaces summarizes the legal framework of dental coverage and potentially forthcoming changes under the proposed Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2025.

Emerging Policies on Dental Coverage for Kids

With the final rules on essential health benefits and market reforms now released, stakeholders have turned to how coverage will work for consumers. Our colleagues at the Center for Children and Families take a look at how one important set of benefits—dental care—will work for kids next year. Joe Touschner has more on some of the most important issues to watch regarding dental coverage for children.

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