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New Georgetown Report Calls for Harnessing of ‘Big Data’ for Better Health Plan Oversight and Consumer Protection

Last week the Obama Administration took a small step forward to implement Affordable Care Act transparency rules. This week, CHIR researchers Sabrina Corlette, JoAnn Volk and Sandy Ahn released a new report outlining a new and powerful data collection and transparency framework that can help state and federal policymakers better understand how insurers are complying with new market rules and consumer protections.

Feds Take a Baby Step Forward on ACA’s Sunshine Rules

The Obama Administration has taken a step forward to implement long-delayed transparency provisions of the ACA, which require insurers and employer-based health plans to report a range of data to help policymakers and consumers better understand how insurance is working for people. CHIR expert Sabrina Corlette finds the latest action to be just a baby step, as well as a missed opportunity.

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