Leadership and Staffing Changes at CCIIO

We’re noting meet cougars a staff shake-up at the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO). Those of you who follow ACA implementation closely know that the former head of CCIIO, Steve Larsen, left last spring to join Optum, a consulting division of UnitedHealth Group. Mike Hash, from HHS’ Office of Health Reform, served as acting head of the agency until CCIIO could find a new director. The agency has done so and recently welcomed Gary Cohen, who returns to CCIIO from a brief stint as general counsel to the California Health Benefit Exchange. Before he left for the west coast, Gary was head of CCIIO’s oversight group.

With his arrival, Gary ushered in some staff changes, as the agency races against some incredibly tight deadlines between now and January 1, 2014, when the law’s insurance reforms go into full effect. Today, Gary announced that Tim Hill and Jim Kerr will serve as CCIIO’s Deputy Directors, responsible for policy, regulatory and operations work. Rob Imes will step up from the Oversight Group to serve as the Senior Advisor on Policy.

As for the exchanges, which will be an “all hands on deck” implementation effort, Gary announced that Terese DeCaro will take the lead as Senior Advisor on Exchanges. Teresa Miller and Vicki Gottlich will continue to lead CCIIO’s efforts in the Oversight Group and Consumer Support Group, respectively.

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