May Research Roundup: What We’re Reading

With another month comes a new crop of health policy research. This May, Nia Gooding reviewed studies on the demographic makeup of the uninsured population eligible for marketplace coverage, the association between hospital-physician integration and unnecessary patient referrals, and rationales for replacing silver loading for Marketplace coverage. Continue reading

A Permanent Boost to Federal Premium Assistance Could Change State Approaches to ACA 1332 Waivers

The American Rescue Plan temporarily increases the availability and generosity of federal premium assistance for people who obtain coverage through the ACA marketplaces. Were Congress to make these premium subsidy enhancements permanent, states would have more breathing space to address other barriers to care, potentially with support from an ACA Section 1332 waiver. In a new work for The Commonwealth Fund, Justin Giovannelli examines how a permanent boost to federal subsidies could give states new and different opportunities to help their residents using the ACA’s waiver program. Continue reading

The Affordable Care Act in the Biden Era: Identifying Federal Priorities for Administrative Action

The Biden administration has pledged to use its executive authority to build on and improve the Affordable Care Act. In a new issue brief for the Commonwealth Fund, Katie Keith analyzes recommendations to the Biden–Harris presidential transition team made by patient and consumer advocates, health insurers, hospitals, physicians, state marketplace officials, and state insurance commissioners to identify high-priority policy changes. Continue reading