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States Attempt to Rein in Rising Health Care Costs: Is a Self-Regulating Industry Enough?

Colorado lawmakers recently announced that hospital and health plans had agreed to remain “neutral” on the state’s proposal for a public option plan. That’s in part because Colorado is hoping the industry will voluntarily achieve spending reductions, without state intervention. CHIR’s Megan Houston assesses how that approach is working in other states that have tried it.

Payer-Provider Contract Disputes Dominate Headlines in 2019, With No Signs of Slowing Down

For several years, we at CHIR have tracked health insurance industry trends by monitoring trade and mass media, Wall Street analyses, earnings, and other reports. In 2019, we observed an increase in reporting on contract disputes between health insurers and providers. These discussions are becoming more contentious as insurers face mounting pressure to rein in health care costs while ensuring consumers’ access to providers. CHIR’s Emily Curran digs into what’s behind the trend and what it means for patients.

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