Florida’s Changes to Rate Review: Heading Backward?

Of the many consumer protection tools available to health insurance regulators, one of the most powerful is the ability to review premium rates. Yet, some states have made recent decisions to abdicate this authority to federal regulators. Sally McCarty discusses recently enacted legislation in Florida that suspends the state’s rate review requirements – and what it means for insurers, regulators, and consumers. Continue reading

Checking in on the NAIC: Work in Progress to Update Model State Laws to Comply with the Affordable Care Act

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) continues its work to support states’ implementation of the ACA. One work group is taking on the daunting task of updating dozens of model state health insurance laws to reflect the ACA’s new consumer protections. Sabrina Corlette joined their most recent call and provides an overview of their progress. Continue reading

Multi-State Plan Program Final Rule: OPM’s Balancing Act

The Office of Personnel Management recently issued a final rule on the multi-state plan program in which it attempts to standardize contracting processes and state rules to, in theory, make it easier for insurers to enter new markets while limiting the extent to which multi-state plan issuers can bypass state consumer protections and preserving a level playing field in exchanges. Christine Monahan discusses how OPM has attempted to balance these competing pressures and discusses where multi-state plans may or may not have flexibility. Continue reading