Trump Administration Pushes for Sale of Insurance Across State Lines

Recently, the Trump administration issued a request for information (RFI) seeking recommendations on ways to facilitate the sale of insurance across state lines, allowing insurers to bypass the insurance standards of states that have strong consumer protections and benefit requirements by headquartering in a state with few regulations in place. The policy is often touted as a way to reduce the cost of coverage and improve consumer choice, but states and insurers have been reluctant to embrace it. A CHIR study conducted after the ACA was signed into law sheds light on why. Continue reading

Back in the Day — Lessons Learned from Pre-reform Days: Going “Old School” with Narrow Networks

While we’re struggling with Affordable Care Act (ACA) issues, there’s value in taking the time to look back and appreciate the impact of the ACA and other healthcare reforms implemented over the past few decades. To that end, former insurance commissioner and health insurance company executive Sally McCarty begins a series of blogs that compare the healthcare coverage landscape before and after reform. The series is called “Back in the Day – Lessons from Pre-reform Days,” and begins with a look at narrow networks. Continue reading