Evolving Dynamics of Health Insurance Exchange Implementation

Since the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, the roles of states and the federal government in establishing health insurance exchanges—marketplaces where people can shop for comprehensive and affordable health plans—have evolved considerably. In a post that originally appeared on The Commonwealth Fund Blog, Sarah Dash, Christine Monahan, and Kevin Lucia describe where exchange establishment decisions currently stand. Continue reading

First Public Meeting of New NAIC Working Group on Regulatory Alternatives to the ACA

On November 16, state regulators and interested parties held the first public meeting of the NAIC's new Health Care Reform Regulatory Alternatives Working Group, charged with providing a forum for discussing open issues and alternatives to state-based exchanges under the Affordable Care Act. Katie Keith has highlights from this meeting and previews what the group might discuss at the next NAIC national meeting later this month. Continue reading

Get Ready for the Rulemaking!

The election results mean full steam ahead with implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The ultimate success of the law will hinge on decisions yet to be made by the federal agencies and the states. Sabrina Corlette blogs about the flurry of regulations and guidance we can expect in the coming days and weeks. Continue reading