100 Days to “Launch”: What a Formerly Controversial Health Program Can Teach Us

On Sunday, June 23, there will be 100 days before the launch of the new insurance exchanges under the ACA. A new report by Georgetown’s Center on Health Insurance Reforms and colleagues at the Health Policy Institute draws lessons from the recent launch of the Medicare prescription drug program to put the challenges facing the ACA roll out into context. Continue reading

Evolving Dynamics of Health Insurance Exchange Implementation

Since the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, the roles of states and the federal government in establishing health insurance exchanges—marketplaces where people can shop for comprehensive and affordable health plans—have evolved considerably. In a post that originally appeared on The Commonwealth Fund Blog, Sarah Dash, Christine Monahan, and Kevin Lucia describe where exchange establishment decisions currently stand. Continue reading

Navigator and Assister Training is Not a One-Shot Deal

The state-based and federally facilitated marketplaces have been busy recruiting and selecting navigators, and now attention turns to training and support. In this guest blog from our Center for Children and Families colleague Tricia Brooks, she makes the case for a robust, holistic approach to building, supporting, and sustaining a high-functioning network of assisters that can ensure consumers needs are fully met. Continue reading

Oh Where, Oh Where Are The Multi-State Plans?

More than two months after the deadline for health insurance issuers to submit applications for the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) multi-state plan program, news is finally starting to trickle out about participating insurers and the first batch of states that are expecting to see multi-state plans on their exchanges. Christine Monahan shares the latest developments. Continue reading