Have Employer Coverage? GOP Proposals Will Affect You Too (Part 2)

Much of the focus of the debate over repealing and replacing the ACA has been on the individual insurance market. But over 150 million people get coverage through their employer, and bills pending in the House and Senate will affect them, too. In a post originally published on the Health Affairs’ Blog, CHIR’s JoAnn Volk and Sabrina Corlette explain what’s preserved, and what’s at risk, for people in job-based plans. Continue reading

CHIR Expert Testifies Before U.S. House Education & Workforce Committee about Innovations in Health Care

On Thursday, April 14, CHIR’s own Sabrina Corlette testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Education and Workforce Committee. The hearing focused on innovations in employer-sponsored health insurance, and included discussion of workplace wellness programs, private insurance exchanges, and multi-payer delivery system reform efforts. Continue reading

MEC and MV: Keeping it All Straight When it Comes to Employer Plans

Open enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplaces overlaps this year with many employer plan open enrollment periods, which has prompted some employees to ask questions about how their offer of employer coverage may affect their eligibility for premium tax credits. CHIR’s JoAnn Volk and Sandy Ahn take a look at what consumers need to know, especially if they’re offered a plan that doesn’t offer much coverage. Continue reading