On Friday, the Obama Administration announced that they were closing the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans (PCIPs) to new enrollment. Sabrina Corlette takes a look at the decision and what it means for consumers – and for implementation of the ACA. Continue reading

Checking in on the NAIC: Work in Progress to Update Model State Laws to Comply with the Affordable Care Act

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) continues its work to support states’ implementation of the ACA. One work group is taking on the daunting task of updating dozens of model state health insurance laws to reflect the ACA’s new consumer protections. Sabrina Corlette joined their most recent call and provides an overview of their progress. Continue reading

Get Ready for the Rulemaking!

The election results mean full steam ahead with implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The ultimate success of the law will hinge on decisions yet to be made by the federal agencies and the states. Sabrina Corlette blogs about the flurry of regulations and guidance we can expect in the coming days and weeks. Continue reading

The Results are In: Now What?

With the fundamental direction of health policy in our country on the line, Americans across the country have been waiting with baited breath for Election Day. But those who were hoping for an end to all the prognostication and crystal ball-gazing might not yet get their wish. Sarah Dash provides a look at what the election results mean for the future of the Affordable Care Act. Continue reading