Some Insurers Cancel Noncompliant Health Plans, But Consumers Are More Informed of Coverage Options

Although the media storm over health plan cancellations has died down, there continue to be reports that a number of insurers have decided to discontinue noncompliant health plans, even though they are permitted to maintain them under state and federal law.

In a new blog post for the Commonwealth Fund, Kevin Lucia, Sabrina Corlette, and Ashley Williams examine the effect of the administration’s guidance allowing the continuation of non-compliant plan options for consumers. This post reminds us that although noncompliant policies may be extended until 2017, a number of insurers throughout the country have decided to discontinue these policies earlier. The insurers are deciding to cancel these plans as they reevaluate their product lines and adjust their business strategy in response to consumer demands. Insurers that cancel policies are required to provide consumers with advance notice and inform them of other health coverage options.  You can read the full post here.

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