Paying for Miracles – The High Cost of Cures

It is every patient’s dream to hear the words, “You’re cured.” Yet the ability to cure can come with a high cost, one that health insurers are often reluctant to cover. Georgetown University medical student Joshua Barrett examines recent proposals for unique payment mechanisms for high-cost interventions that could perhaps change the way they are priced and financed. Continue reading

Telemedicine and its Effect on the Regulatory Landscape

Some states are making policies related to the emergence of telemedicine or the delivery of health care services through telecommunication technology. While states are taking varying approaches, telemedicine can increase access to specialty services such as mental health services and help address network adequacy concerns. CHIR’s Sandy Ahn highlights some of the issues related to telemedicine. Continue reading

Evolving Dynamics of Health Insurance Exchange Implementation

Since the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, the roles of states and the federal government in establishing health insurance exchanges—marketplaces where people can shop for comprehensive and affordable health plans—have evolved considerably. In a post that originally appeared on The Commonwealth Fund Blog, Sarah Dash, Christine Monahan, and Kevin Lucia describe where exchange establishment decisions currently stand. Continue reading