Diving Deep on Two New Rate Studies

With the Affordable Care Act’s most significant reforms going into effect in 2014, attention has increasingly turned to the price tag for consumers. Following last week’s release of not one but two analyses on projected health insurance premiums in 2014, the issue is receiving headlines once again. Christine Monahan and Katie Keith report on the major findings from these two analyses and the significant distinctions between them. Continue reading

Some States Consider Nondiscrimination Requirements

In implementing the Affordable Care Act, state regulators may increasingly look for ways to ensure that health insurance does not discriminate against certain groups of individuals, such as people living with HIV, older Americans, and even women. In this spirit, Katie Keith describes how Colorado and the District of Columbia each took recent steps to prohibit insurers from discriminating against enrollees based on gender identity and sexual orientation. Continue reading

First Public Meeting of New NAIC Working Group on Regulatory Alternatives to the ACA

On November 16, state regulators and interested parties held the first public meeting of the NAIC's new Health Care Reform Regulatory Alternatives Working Group, charged with providing a forum for discussing open issues and alternatives to state-based exchanges under the Affordable Care Act. Katie Keith has highlights from this meeting and previews what the group might discuss at the next NAIC national meeting later this month. Continue reading

State of the States: Minnesota, New Mexico, and Virginia

On August 9, 2012, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released three new reports prepared by the Urban Institute and CHIR on Minnesota, New Mexico, and Virginia as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Implementation—Monitoring and Tracking series. The reports include detailed case studies on the implementation of health reform in each state and are part of a broader series of reports on ACA implementation in 10 key states. Continue reading

State of the States: Trends from 10 Key States

Today, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released four new cross-cutting reports prepared by the Urban Institute and CHIR on trends in 10 key states regarding the early market reforms, state insurance exchange development, rate review, and plan participation and competition within the exchange. Katie Keith provides an overview of these reports and their findings. Continue reading