Supporting Health Plan Oversight: Consumer Organization Directory for State Regulators

In the wake of formal complaints that insurers are marketing health plans with discriminatory benefit designs, state insurance regulators are under increasing pressure to subject these plans to greater scrutiny. But with limited resources and manpower, states are feeling squeezed. As part of a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation project to support states with Affordable Care Act implementation, CHIR researchers Kayla Connor and Sally McCarty created a directory of consumer organizations willing to partner with states to conduct plan analyses. Continue reading

Coverage that Falls Outside Affordable Care Act Protections: A Primer on “Excepted Benefits” and Short Term Health Insurance

As consumers shop for health insurance, many may be offered coverage, such as “excepted benefit” plans or short-term, limited duration policies that fall outside of the protections required in the Affordable Care Act. CHIR’s Kayla Connor shares a primer on these policies, published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s State Health Reform Assistance Network. Continue reading

Understanding Federal Guidance on Reference Pricing: A New Primer from Georgetown’s Center on Health Insurance Reforms

Some employer health plans have begun to respond to dramatic differences in the cost of medical procedures through reference pricing. CHIR’s Kayla Connor shares a new primer prepared for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s State Health Reform Assistance Network that helps insurance regulators understand the latest federal rules on reference pricing and potential consumer protection issues. Continue reading