Understanding Consumers’ Experience with Health Insurance: New California Report on Complaints Provides Insights

Earlier this month, the California Office of the Patient Advocate (OPA) released its first annual report cataloguing consumer complaints and inquiries about their health plans across four California state health agencies. The report examines 27,028 consumer complaints that were closed in 2014. CHIR’s Hannah Ellison explores highlights of the report and discusses its potential for impact. Continue reading

A Look at Proposals for Improving Health Coverage Affordability

Welcome to 2016. With first votes being cast in the 2016 election cycle less than two weeks away and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) promising to unveil an ACA replacement plan to steer the 2016 party agenda, the policy debate on health reform is far from over. We here at CHIR are keeping an eye on reform proposals, and in this post, CHIR’s Hannah Ellison examines various proposals to improve affordability of coverage under the ACA. Continue reading

The ACA Triggers Largest Decline in Uninsured since 1987: Now What?

U.S. Census data out last week shows that in 2014, the number of uninsured Americans declined by 8.8 million. As debates about the legitimacy and impact of the ACA fade in the rearview mirror, many policy experts are now shifting their attention to ways to improve the ACA for consumers. CHIR’s Hannah Ellison shares some ideas from a recent Urban Institute report. Continue reading