Cancellation of Policies in the Individual Market: Apology Accepted, Mr. President – No Further Action Required

Last Thursday, the President apologized to those individuals currently covered under an individual policy and who will need to transition to a new policy that complies with the 2014 requirements under the Affordable Care Act. In his latest blog, David Cusano notes that this result was a necessary and predictable one, and encourages Americans to accept the President’s apology and move forward by promoting and implementing the protections under the ACA. Continue reading

It’s Not Too Late – Options for Employers and Insurers to Limit Out-of-Pocket Costs For Consumers Beginning in 2014

A recent Administration decision allows employers and group health plans to delay an Affordable Care Act requirement capping enrollees out-of-pocket costs. In the second of two blogs examining the decision, David Cusano reviews the rationale for the delay and suggests ways insurers and employers can reduce harm to consumers. Continue reading

Delay of Certain Cost Sharing Limitations under the Affordable Care Act: What does it Mean?

This week the New York Times reported on an Administration decision to allow employers and group health plans to delay until 2015 an Affordable Care Act requirement to provide enrollees with a cap on their out-of-pocket costs. David Cusano takes a look at what the Administration’s decision says – and does not say – and what it means for group health plans. Continue reading